Grammar Goodies 4

Word usage continued


Use good to modify a noun and well to modify a verb: 

  • Give me one good reason to think you write well.

  • Its bright blue color indicates it's a poisonous frog.


  • Yesterday my pet dinosaur lay in my hammock. She lies there today too.
  • I won't lay a hand on her because I think she's laying eggs while lying there.

Like/As/Such As

  • My parrot has learned to bark like a dog to keep the cat away.
  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do: enjoy life.
  • My cabinets are full of things I don't need such as mushroom scrubbers and toast racks.


  • I hear George Washington slept here.


  • My principal concern is that the principal of Wayward Academy has no principles.


  • The French once sent their criminals to Devil's Island. It's almost impossible to escape from there.


  • I threw my ball and chain through the office window.


  • When it comes to much in life, you're on your own.

continued on Grammar Goodies 5

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